Before signing up and starting to add an organisation to The Moray Council's Website please take a few minutes to read the following

Adding an organisations details to the Welfare Portal will allow that organisation to add events to the calendar.

The events section for The Moray council is open to anyone organising an event within the Moray area.

Before you can post an event for the website however it needs to comply with a few rules:

  • You must be registered as an organisation with the Welfare Portal
  • The event must take place within Moray.
  • We will not accept, promote, endorse or in any way encourage any illegal activity. This will result in a banned account and removal of event.
  • Your event must be open to the public.

Otherwise we are happy for any event to be featured. We do however reserve the right for an event to be published, edited or removed from the Events listings.

Your Personal Data

The Moray Council respects any individual's personal information and undertakes to comply with the Data Protection Act 1998.

The personal data provided by the user will be only used for processing of the publicised events within the Moray area.

More information about the Data Protection Act can be found by clicking here

  Please click the check box to confirm that you have read the above conditions.


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